What if I need to cancel a Shift?

To cancel a Shift:

1. Log into your Poached app and click on the Calendar tab.

2. Click on the date of the shift in the calendar. A white dot can be seen under the days of booked shifts.

3. Click on the shift listed under the calendar

4. Click “Cancel Shift” under  Shift details

5. Confirm the cancelation in the pop up modal

You have now canceled your booking. We will notify the employer and fill the shift with another worker. 


We expect all of our workers to be reliable, communicate efficiently, and deliver excellent quality work as part of their use of the Poached app.If you cancel a Shift, this must be completed no less than 12 hours before the listed Shift start time. If you cancel a Shift in less than 12 hours, this will result in a temporary or permanent suspension on your account. 

Your first cancellation will lead to a 30 day suspension. The second cancellation will result in a permanent suspension. 

We value our hard working community and our clients; late cancellation is not taken lightly. However, if your Shift cancellation was due to an emergency, your account will remain suspended until Poached Support is provided proof of an emergency. Emergencies may include injury to self or immediate family members, testing positive for Covid, or accident involvement.