What are the Poached Shift Policies for Employers?

Poached Shifts - Policies for Employers

Here is a quick review of some Poached Shift Policies:

  • Cancellation Policy – Cancellations for work requests must be received 12 hours prior to requested start time, or potentially be subject to a minimum charge of 4 hours per Professional, at the stated Shift wage; plus Poached Shift Fee ($39). Shifts posted within 12 hours of the start time have a 30 min grace period to reject booked worker if worker experience on bio and work history do not match posted shift. 
  • Shift Post Accuracy - All Shift details must be filled out completely. Failure to include certain duties expected of Poached Worker for the specific Poached Shift may result in prohibited future use of Poached Shifts. 
  • Verbal or Not Booked Shifts - Workers must be booked for a posted Poached Shift to get paid through our platform. Poached will not be liable for any accident that happens to the worker, person or business. If a worker who has not been accepted to a shift is injured, the liability would fall on the company, not Poached. If a person who is not booked shows up to your establishment to work, please send them home or create a Shift for them - Learn how to do that, here.
  • Reported Behavior - Any reports of lewd, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or hostile behavior will result in a permanent suspension from utilizing Poached Shifts effective immediately. 

*Cancelations due to inclement weather, equipment failure, or situations that led to closure of establishment for duration of scheduled shift will not be charged.